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Greater Wichita YMCA* Summer Camp Site Director - Multiple Locations in Andover, Kansas

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Principal Activities:

+ Responsible for the quality, management and direction of the site, implementation of operations involving safety, nutrition, hygiene, scheduling, tuition and balance due collection, discipline, curriculum, planning, programming, record keeping, supply requests and maintenance of site.

+ Responsible for reporting individual staff absences, following-up with child absences and maintaining daily required sign-in/out rosters with parent signatures.

Program Management:

+ Planning, supervising and implementing quality lesson plans according to standards set by KDHE and YMCA.

+ Using lesson plan format to provide clear, concise, varied and age-appropriate activities for your site.

+ Posting current lesson plans conspicuously at your site no later than 6:30am, Monday.

+ Planning and implementing a minimum of two lessons in drug/alcohol abuse prevention monthly.

+ Demonstrating and teaching YMCA Character Development Values (caring, honesty, respect, responsibility) in weekly activities.

+ Making sure all materials and equipment are available and prepared prior to all activities.

+ Being involved directly with group activities, not an observer (including swimming and field trips).

+ Providing parents with a professional-looking weekly calendar of events/reminders.

+ Implementing a weekly menu according to guidelines set by CACFP, KDHE and YMCA.

+ Posting current menu no later than 6:30am, the first day of the month.

+ Completing CACFP rosters and menu page at the point of service daily.

+ Maintaining accurate sign-in/out and attendance records daily KDHE, SRS and YMCA require full signatures of parent/guardians for legal responsibility of care.

+ Contacting parent/guardian in the event a child is absent and no notice has been received of such absence.

+ Reviewing and understanding the YMCA Discipline Policy and demonstrating the ability to set and maintain limits for the children using positive reinforcement.

+ Supervising proper organization, maintenance and inventory of equipment, supplies and food storage in all areas used by the School Age program.

+ Completing required paperwork correctly and maintain deadlines.

+ Assisting the Camp office of collecting late child care payments according to YMCA policies and procedures.

+ Informing Camp office of “no-shows” and other attendance changes as needed.

+ Ensuring program is operated in a safe and purposeful manner; all CACFP, KDHE and YMCA guidelines are met and exceeded.

+ Maintaining good public relations with parents and hosting guests at your site.

+ Encouraging and eliciting parent support and satisfaction, with the goal of providing mutual support to the child.

+ Establishing a “Parent Information Center” to include rosters, receipts, parent calendars, etc.

+ Keeping parents informed of changes such as staffing, schedules, day camps, etc.

+ Greeting every parent/child daily.

+ Working closely with building personnel in coordination of the site.

+ Following through on concerns in a timely manner and involve you site’s Program Director as needed.

+ Conducting/organizing a minimum of 2 service activities each school year, involving your host site.

+ Ensuring proper procedures regarding vehicle safety and laws use are followed at all times (if applicable).

+ Administering your program in an organized and responsible manner, to include maint aining paperwork and deadlines as outlined:

+ Monitoring and process staff time sheets accurately and meet deadline for processing.

+ Holding staff accountable for working scheduled hours, maintaining time allowances.

+ Completing Expense Reports: accurately reporting mileage and expenses by the 2nd day of each month.

+ Purchasing for site needs; obtaining approval from Program Director in advance; submitting receipts to ensure proper reimbursement.

+ Planning appropriately for 2 one-way trips to the YMCA per week.

+ Submitting Time-Off Requests: must be received no less than 2 weeks prior to the day(s) requested to be off.

+ Providing and Documenting staff counseling: documenting incident, having staff sign and involving Program Director as needed.

+ Reporting absences: notifying Program Director in the event of an emergency/illness which will prevent you/your staff from reporting to work. Ensuring staff is not leaving messages; speaking personally to Program Director or reporting to work until contact is made.

+ Providing a complete substitute packet of information in the facility with easy access.

+ Communicating important program issues and information to your Program Director.

+ Being a team player with all staff.

+ Reporting suspected child abuse and neglect, as mandated by the State of Kansas, and notifying proper authorities o