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Creekstone Farms DC Automation System Support Technician in Arkansas City, Kansas

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JOB SUMMARY: This position will be responsible for supporting & maintaining a new state of art Customer Order Fulfillment Center. This Customer Order Fulfillment Center will eventually handle the storage, inventory and shipments of nearly 100% of the daily boxed beef produced at Creekstone.


+ These System Support Technicians will be responsible for the following activities at the new Customer Order Fulfillment Center:

+ Ensure that all the Material Handling Equipment (MHE) is operating within the guidelines established by Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) & the System Integrator (SI) and to ensure that ALLSafety Devices and Safety Systems are working properly.

+ Provide support, troubleshooting, calibration, and preventive maintenance for all the MHE which is housed in a cooler environment (30 to 34 degrees Fahrenheit).

+ Conduct daily observations & inspections of all the MHE. This includes following up and inquiring with each of the key Creekstone Operations personnel regarding each major Sub-System to collect their thoughts and observations regarding howthe MHE is operating.

+ Learn how to correctly utilize & interpret the various WES / WCS / PLC / HMI & System Visualization Screens and Reports in order to ensure the daily “health” of the system:

+ Establish a daily archive of the base line reports for future reference and analysis

+ Scanner Read Rates

+ Various Sub-System Fault Reports

+ Planned and Unplanned Repairs

+ Replacement Part Orders

+ Hours of Operation Per Sub-System

+ Report to Creekstone Management any MHE that is not operating within the normal guidelines and receive direction on the required next steps to return the MHE to normal operations.

+ Work with Creekstone Management to establish the timelines and priorities for any repairs or corrective actions that may beneeded.

+ Interact with the various SI Support Personnel (Internal & External) regarding any planned or unplanned System Changes /Repairs / Corrective Actions that may be needed:

+ Provide detailed descriptions of any problems that may be occurring

+ Closely collaborate with Internal & External Support Staff to determine when Hardware, Software, Mechanical, Electrical or Controls Changes can be made and provide SPECIFIC feedback to them regarding the effectiveness of these changes

+ Clearly communicate to Creekstone Operations when there is a need for a System Change and what the deficiency is and whatthe desired result is from the planned System Change.

+ Accurately document and communicate operational test results.

+ Create graphical representations of daily, weekly, monthly system performance metrics & downtime.

+ Make timely recommendations regarding possible technical design or process changes to improve efficiency, quality, orperformance of the system.


+ The ability to learn, understand, troubleshoot & support advanced control systems, which are highly computer-driven.

+ The ability to learn, understand, troubleshoot & support the MHE that is made up of several parts:

+ The mechanical system

+ The sensing and actuation devices

+ The PLC contr ol systems and the PLC software functionality (NOTE: No PLC Programming Experience is required.)

+ The WES / WCS Software functionality (NOTE: No Software Programming Experience is required.)

+ The ability to maintain and make recommendations to improve automated processes

+ The ability to work closely with several different engineering disciplines to effectively maintain and trouble shoot the newsystem (Mechanical, Electrical, Controls, Software)

+ The ability to collaboratively “Problem-Solve”.

+ The ability to become a strong analytical thinker in order to effectively and efficiently solve day to day problems.

+ The ability to WORK SAFELY at all times per Creekstone Safety Standards and Protocols.

+ The ability to work at times without direct supervision.

+ The ability and commitment to provide excellent & accurate communication to all stake holders.

+ Basic to advanced understanding of the following;

+ Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s)

+ Photo Eyes, Sensors and Scanners

+ Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s)

+ Solenoids, cylinders, and airlines

+ How PLC’s & Computer Systems control per each major sub-system to effectively troubleshoot

+ How major PLC&