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THE MONARCH CEMENT COMPANY Safety Supervisor in Chanute, Kansas

This job was posted by https://www.kansasworks.com : For more information, please see: https://www.kansasworks.com/ada/r/jobs/11449991

Job description for Safety Supervisor:

1. Keep all safety training records up-to-date and in order.

2. Involvement with MSHA inspections and closeout conferences.

3. Daily inspection of plant and observation of employees working safely, using PPE.

4. Review and monitor daily work place examination sheets and mobile equipment sheets.

5. Update site specific training procedures and monitor and do site specific training.

6. Update company safety manuals, policies and procedures.

7. MSHA training.

a. Setup annual refresher training.

b. Setup college new miner training, also refresher training.

c. Setup new employee miner training.

8. MSHA citation reviews and response.

9. Attend any MSHA classes/training with approval from KGM, JRB.

10. Attend any PCA safety training with approval from KGM, JRB.

11. Set up annual hearing tests.

12. Perform noise and dust testing regularly throughout the plant.

13. Look at noise issues in the Mill Bldg, Roller Mill Bldg., Roller Mill Compressor room, Center and South scales in Shipping and any other areas with high noise levels.

14. Organize and involve safety committee in safety issues. (Lock out and tag out issues, safety glasses, etc.)

15. Involvement in Emergency Response at the plant.

16. Purchase and keep first aid room and supplies equipped.

17. Organize safety lunches for the Spring and Fall.

18. Monitor and implement Task training and keep records up-to-date.

19. Monitor department safety meetings being held bi-monthly.

20. Know how to file MSHA reportable injury reports.

21. Investigate injury and non-injury accidents at the plant.

22. Investigate property damage accidents to determine dollar value for drug testing, if necessary. This should involve JRB and KGM.

23. Monitor contractor records, plans and work habits.

24. Familiarize yourself with welding fume monitoring.

25. Become familiar with testing equipment. (O2, CO2, SO2)

26. Monitor plant monthly inspections performed by Supervisors and monitor progress of corrections.

27. Issue employees safety locks and make sure employees have the proper PPE .

28. Respirator program, fitting of respirators and making sure employees are wearing respirators when needed.

29. Making sure employees have the proper fall protection equipment and in good condition.

30. PCA safety innovation suggestions.

31. Review safety award program and implementation.

32. Establish plant safety data on lost time, reportable injuries, etc.

33. Monitor plant safety rule compliance.

34. Coal mill safety and CO2 system.