Northern Natural Gas Machinist I/II/Senior (Clifton, KS) in Clifton, Kansas

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: This is a multi-level posting. Candidates may be considered for any of the posted levels, depending on their level of experience and depth of expertise.This position is responsible for performing highly skilled, precise duplication and fabrication of original parts from drawings, prints or models by programming and operating computer numerically controlled machine tools and operating manually controlled machines in a timely manner with no intervention to meet the needs of Northern's field operations as well as contracted external customers to assure optimum availability, quality and efficiency in a safe manner and/or combining machining skills and mechanical knowledge required to successfully analyze work required to refurbish mechanical assemblies, determine and develop the required processes needed, and implement the plan successfully.Primary Job Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Job Function)Fully participate in the Northern Natural Gas Safety Program. Perform high precision tasks within time expectations while working with and around machinery with rotating and sliding mechanical components, sharp tools and heavy parts safely. Analyze part or part drawing to determine the safest and most efficient process to produce work piece within required time and tolerance expectations. Program and setup Computer Numerically Controlled lathes and mills to safely and efficiently produce parts within required time and tolerance expectations. Setup and operate manually controlled machine tools to safely and efficiently produce parts within required time and tolerance expectations. Measure parts and produce sketches or drawings in such detail as to allow the accurate duplication of the part. Disassemble and inspect mechanical assemblies to determine the need for repair and method to use. Recondition and assemble mechanical components safely and efficiently to meet safety, tolerance, and mechanical performance within time expectations. Develop and create jigs and special tools as required to complete work safely and within time expectations. Maintain proper machine shop inventory level of materials and supplies to perform routine and emergency jobs. Maintain machine shop equipment in proper operating condition as required. Maintain historical records on all completed jobs using maintenance job tickets and logs of jobs completed. Estimate the cost for performing machining shop work/projects. Coordinate with the user the proposed cost, scheduling and work completion. Inspect all finished work completed by machinist IIs and machinists to ensure such work meets or exceeds required specifications. Perform any additional responsibilities as requested or assigned.