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The Salvation Army Kansas Western Missouri Division Case Manager-K010-12026 in Dodge City, Kansas

Job Objective: Coordinate social services activities for the corps. Provide direct assistance and/or referral to clients in need based on established criteria; assess all families with minor children for eligibility in the Pathway of Hope (POH) program. Deliver all POH services using the strength-based case management model to families with a desire to take action to break the cycle of crisis and change the trajectory of their lives.

Essential Functions:

Emergency Assistance

Client Assistance

  • Interview clients to determine need
  • Determine if client qualifies for EA or POH services based on current policies and regulations governing eligibility
  • Develop client assistance plan
  • Provide referrals to appropriate agencies/services when further assistance is needed
  • Encourage clients to utilize community resources and instruct them on how to access
  • Maintain confidentiality of records and information
  • Assist with special events and seasonal programs, as requested

Record Keeping and Reports

  • Create and update client file and input data into the HMIS database
  • Maintain all necessary statistics and data
  • Complete required reports
  • Maintain tracking of available funding at corps site
  • Track and report unmet needs of participants and their families


  • Be knowledgeable of community social services and interpret social services regulation in a clear, accurate and helpful manner to clients
  • Serve as the liaison between clients and other organizations/agencies
  • Communicate appropriately with staff, clients, other agencies and the public using the telephone or face-to-face contact, in one-on-one and in group settings
  • Work cooperatively and jointly with staff, clients and agencies to provide quality and seamless customer service

Pathway of Hope

Outreach and Engagement

  • Conduct regular outreach to social services sites and other locations in the community to identify eligibility requirements
  • Engage and build rapport with target population
  • Conduct screening interviews with potential applicants in accordance with POH eligibility requirements
  • Present potential participant to POH team to include the corps officer, corps support staff, and Divisional POH program manager
  • Provide appropriate referrals for individuals not eligible for POH services

Case Management

  • Perform intake that includes required documentation for admission, referral needs, explanation of program and expectations
  • Conduct a written assessment on all participants within 72 hours of contact including screening for serious personal safety and mental health issues
  • Develop a case plan with the participant based on the primary goals of housing stability, increased income/financial resources and skills, and self-determination within one week of intake which includes short-term and long-term goals with objectives. Update case plan as needed
  • Schedule regular meeting times with participants to develop and review goals and objectives
  • Conduct home visits as determined by the case plan
  • Provide information and referral services as needed
  • Assist participants in connecting to and accessing appropriate community resources
  • Provide advocacy services as needed, i.e., court involvement, landlord/tenant conflict resolution, etc.
  • Provide financial assistance in accordance with program policies and procedures.
  • Coordinate case management efforts with all staff and contracted services to meet individual and family needs
  • Develop a discharge plan with participants addressing permanent housing stability, economic stability, emotional stability and self determination
  • Assist participant to develop a crisis plan; be available during off hours to respond to an emergency
  • Conduct life skills and budgeting classes
  • Maintain case files for each participant that includes the assessment, case plan, documentation of progress, challenges, outcomes/accomplishments, discharge plan and summary, and documentation of all follow up contact
  • Maintain comprehensive and detailed case notes on all participants
  • Complete required documentation of all educational groups
  • Prepare case records for proper storage after participant discharge
  • Ensure client confidentiality in accordance with established procedures and regulations

Information Management

  • Maintain comprehensive demographic data as required on all participants
  • Submit monthly summary of service statistics to the Pathway of Hope program manager
  • Maintain accurate records of financial assistance provided to participants in their file and in The Salvation Army Information Management System (SIMS)

Complete other reports as requested

  • Agency and Community Networking
  • Attend agency and community meetings as requested
  • Attend supervisory meetings
  • Attend corps team meetings
  • Maintain working relationships with community agencies to provide comprehensive services for participants and to stay abreast of current trends and resources available
  • Provide guidance and support to community volunteers working with the program
  • Represent the agencys purpose, philosophy, and function to the community
  • Promote the spiritual dimension of Salvation Army social services programs, emphasizing the importance of Christian influence and evangelism in all Salvation Army ministries, including delivery of social services in contemporary settings

Quality Assurance

  • Track and report unmet needs of participants and their families
  • Document and report effectiveness of service delivery using consumer, case management and community resource feedback
  • Provide ideas for programming specific to educational or process groups needed for participants
  • Ensure quality of local data and reporting of information that will support national and territorial POH program outcomes
  • Ensure client relevance and consistency of POH by collaboration with the POH program manager with ongoing development of policies and procedures, goals and objectives, and outcome based measures related to POH

Pathway of Hope Program Evaluation and Outcomes Measurement

  • Ensure the accuracy of data entry into the SIMS database
  • Participate in other program and outcome evaluation activities
  • Assist POH program manager in the annual POH evaluation/outcomes measurement for Corps and summary/review report to the Divisional Social Services Director
  • Report any POH challenges and work with the POH Program Manager to develop an action plan to address program development needs
  • Assist the POH program manager in the completion of quarterly random record reviews and annual review of compliance with standards in order to assure program evaluation/certification requirements

Education and Training

  • Attend training sessions that support the initial implementation phase and ongoing training requirements for POH
  • Attend in-service training and outside conferences/workshops as requested and approved by the Corps Officers or POH program manager
  • Participate in POH workshops and other training events at the territorial, divisional or local level, as requested and/or assigned