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The University of Kansas Health System Credentialing Specialist in Great Bend, Kansas

Under the supervision of Great Bend Campus Administrator the Credentialing Specialist performs clerical functions for the department; independently manages and maintains Physician and Allied Health Professional credentialing; shows ability to perform well under pressure; demonstrates ability to multi task; demonstrates commitment to department and organization by remaining flexible to accommodate department needs in relation to work schedule; serves as a team player in all areas of TUKHS – Great Bend Campus and represents a positive role model for other employees.


  • *Must be able to perform the professional and technical competencies of the assigned department.

  • *Note: These statements are intended to describe the essential functions of the job and are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities. Skills and duties may vary dependent upon your department or unit. Other duties may be assigned as required.

  • Credentialing

  • Coordinates and manages credentialing information for all TUKHS – Great Bend Campus physicians and Allied Health Professional providers by compiling and processing information for new applicants and reappointments;

  • Compiles and distributes quality information; enters demographic and credentialing data; forwards credentialing applications for approval; and prepares and mails congratulatory letters.

  • Conducts all applicable practice licensure verifications, as well as background and reference checks in accordance with the medical center’s employment policy

  • Maintains confidential credentials files and electronic medical staff database.

  • Queries demographic and statistical information and distributes data to requesting party

  • Performs daily projects for quality control to maintain regulatory standards and accrediting requirements and may facilitate accreditation survey processes.

  • Design and implement processes to adhere to regulatory requirements relating to credentialing.

  • Notifies appropriate personnel of new provider numbers as well as reporting those individuals who have resigned and relinquishes staff.

  • Assists with various organizational activities, including preparation of audits and reports as directed.

  • Act as secretary for the Medical Credentialing committee, with direction from the Director, put together the agenda for the committee meetings and provide information to be reviewed by the committee, take minutes and act as the contact for the committee.

Additional Duties:

  • Prepares correspondence adjusting dictation to improve grammar and flow of document carefully proofreading same for neatness and accuracy and distributes within time frame to ensure efficient communication within office and outside office; attend various committee meetings as assigned; and maintains an effective filing system

  • Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

Drives Service Excellence:

  • Champions quality / performance improvement efforts.

  • Sets priorities and oversees progress for regulatory requirements, and institutional and national initiatives.

  • Ensures compliance with all federal, state and local regulatory standards and requirements including Joint Commission, Dept of Health, FDA, HIPAA, OSHA, and others.

  • Promotes positive, collaborative relationships.

  • Sets example of constructive, professional and positive relationships at all times.

  • Promotes proactive issue identification and resolution between primary customers.

  • Ensures active and productive participation at forums for issue identification and resolution in each pod.

  • Demonstrates an understanding of our core values and the standards derived from them and acts in a manner consistent with a commitment to both the values and standards as identified by the University of Kansas Health System.


Key competencies required to perform essential functions of the job - Mid-level


Ownership, Initiative, Trust and Respect, Continuous Learning/ Improvement- Takes responsibility for self and/or team accountabilities and instills sense of ownership in others to improve performance; looks for ways to improve individual and/or team performance

  • Thinks beyond conventional approaches and demonstrates pro-active behavior; develops strategies to enable others to adapt to change

    • Actively builds strong rapport and credibility by engaging multiple parties as required in open, two-way communications

    • Recognizes and captures opportunities to improve systems and processes through various experiences (e.g., seminars, training, technical learning, etc.)


Customer Expectations and Needs, Service Improvement, Cross-functional Collaboration- Recognizes, demonstrates and enables behaviors and attitudes necessary to ensure exceptional delivery of services

  • Consistently seeks and integrates feedback to improve service

  • Understands interests and concerns of other internal/ cross-functional teams and incorporates their feedback into service/work processes


Planning and Organization, Problem Solving, Time Management, Effective Use of Resources- Develops and re-prioritizes work plans for self and/or department by outlining clear steps to follow during unforeseen circumstances

  • Analyzes problems from different perspectives and identifies opportunities to develop solutions

  • Prioritizes services and activities to ensure efficient use of time for self and/or others

  • Identifies and escalates resource needs (people, time, equipment and supplies) in advance to ensure work proceeds smoothly and efficiently


Interpersonal Skills, Effective Communication, Managing Crucial Conversations- Recognizes group dynamics and acts as a role model by guiding others/team to modify one's communication style to suit different situations and audiences

  • Delivers messages that are consistent and concise to guide others/team; is able to present messages that can influence with impact

  • Effectively manages the situation to minimize customer and staff stress while dealing with escalated issues


Building Productive Relationships, Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration- Takes actions to improve the relationships with and between others to create an effective working environment

  • Creates and contributes to a positive environment where learning and knowledge sharing occurs regularly and both formally and informally within the organization and own department(s)

  • Utilizes diverse perspectives in working with others to create better results and working relationships; facilitates removal of obstacles to team success


Driving Results, Strategic Focus, Motivating and Managing Performance, Building Confidence, Leading Change- Motivates self and actively engages team in achieving challenging goals and targets that are consistent with organizational direction; encourages others to overcome obstacles and achieve results

  • Translates the organization's strategic priorities into clear goals and targets for the work group(s) to ensure organizational alignment

  • Understands diverse employee needs when working and managing others; provides constructive feedback on behavior and results and recognizes high performance in a timely manner

  • Creates an environment where others have access to resources to pursue independent action; promotes decision making and creative problem solving

  • Understands the change process and anticipates impact on team/workgroup, clearly communicating rationale and engaging others to embrace the change


Recognizing Potential, Providing Ongoing Feedback, Enabling Professional Development- Identifies and recognizes employees and teams that demonstrate behaviors consistent with organizational values and produce expected results and services

  • Uses multiple occasions to give and receive constructive feedback from others for continuous development

  • Understands employee’s professional aspirations and proactively shares opportunities; guides and mentors their personal and professional growth


Population ServedAge of Patient Population Served

Patient with exceptional communication needs

Patient with diverse culture/language (e.g. in Spanish and Sign)

Patient with diverse religious backgrounds

Patient with psycho-social needs

Patient with physical disabilities

All Populations

Does not have patient contact Neonate (birth - 28 days)

Infant (29 days – less than 1 year)

Pediatric (1 - 12 yrs)

Adolescent (13 – 17 yrs)

Adult (18 – 64 yrs)

Geriatric (65 yrs & older)

Non-age Specific Task (N/A)


Indicate the minimum requirements to perform the essential functions of the job – minimum education and/or experience, any significant physical demands aspects of work environment conditions.

B. ADA Physical Demands

How much on the job time is spent on the following physical activities? Does this job require that force be exerted or weight be lifted?

Physical ActivitiesAmount of Time Pounds of Force to Push or PullAmount of Time

NoneUnder 1/3To 2/3Over 2/3 NoneUnder 1/3To 2/3Over 2/3

Stand Up to 10 pounds

Walk Up to 25 pounds

Sit Up to 50 pounds

Use hands or fingers to manipulate, keyboard, handle or feel Up to 100 pounds

Reach with hands and arms below the waist LiftingNoneUnder 1/3To 2/3Over 2/3

Reach with hands and arms

to the shoulder Up to 10 pounds

Reach with hands and arms above shoulders Up to 25 pounds

Bend to waist level Up to 50 pounds

Bend to the floor Up to 100 pounds

Climb or balance CarryingNoneUnder 1/3To 2/3Over 2/3

Stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl or squat Up to 10 pounds

Driving/Operating machinery Up to 25 pounds

Up to 50 pounds Up to 100 pounds

Does this job have any special vision requirements? Check all that apply.

Please note that pre-employment vision testing is required

Close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less)

Distance vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more)

Color vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors)

Peripheral vision (ability to observe and area that can be seen up and down or to the left and right while eyes are fixed on a given point)

Depth perception (three-dimensional vision, ability to judge distances and spatial relationships)

Ability to adjust focus (ability to adjust the eye to bring an object into sharp focus)

No special vision requirements

Does this job have any special hearing requirements? Please specify.

Specify hearing requirements:_____________

No special hearing requirements

C. Work Environment

How much on the job time is spent in the following conditions? Does this job have exposure to the

following conditions?

Environmental Conditions Amount of Time Environmental Conditions

NoneUnder 1/3To 2/3Over 2/3 YesNo

Wet or humid conditions (non-weather) Exposure to blood and body fluids

Extreme cold (non-weather) Exposure to airborne pathogens (biological, bacterial, viruses)

Extreme heat (non-weather) Exposure to airborne particles

Risk of radiation Exposure to fumes

Toxic or caustic chemicals, hazardous materials and waste Exposure to lasers

Outdoor weather conditions Work in high places (greater than 4 feet off of the ground)

Computer workstation or office setting Working near moving mechanical parts

Vibration Exposure to noise greater than 80 dB (loud – very loud)

Other ______ Other _______

Specify job responsibilities that require any other additional physical demands or work environment.

A. Education and/or Relevant Experience/Qualifications


Credential required:


Certificate, license or registration


  • Two to Four years credentialing experience required or related equivalent experience.

  • Associates degree

  • Certified Provider Credential Specialist (CPCS) certification

Primary source of verification

Literacy requirements (read, write and speak English)Ability to read and write English. Proficient with writing meeting agenda/minutes.

Language requirementsAbility to understand and speak English

Others (Driving, computer skills, etc.)

  • Valid Driver’s License

  • Proficient with computer and keyboarding and willingness to learn necessary computer skills and software.

  • Extended knowledge of Medical Terminology

  • Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills, must be tactful in their dealings with people; discretion, good judgement, organizational or management ability, initiative, and the ability to work independently are especially important for higher level administrative positions.

Requisition ID: 2019-19209

Display Department Title: Adminsitration

External Company Name: The University of Kansas Health System

Street: 514 Cleveland