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Barton County Of Registered Nurse in Great Bend, Kansas

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Barton County Health Department believes that all interactions must follow the Trauma Informed Systems of Care approach. All people, staff and clients, are to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their socio-economic status, race, religion, or gender affiliation. Any position hired to the BCHD will operate under these guidelines.

This full-time position requires a thorough knowledge in a broad array of public health programs and provides services on a walk in basis. This person provides many diverse services including immunizations; testing for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections; blood pressure, hemoglobin, blood sugar; provides supplies and evaluations of clients for family planning; medical consultations for medical referrals; and other duties as arise. This position may also be called on to apply basic Public Health principles as circumstances are identified that may put people at risk. Quality Improvement practices will be embedded in the everyday workload. This position reports to the Nursing Supervisor. This position has no supervisory responsibility and exercises judgment with some supervision.



+ Performs the following duties:

+ Performs the following duties:

+ Checks instruments on an appropriate basis, logs in results to provide quality control.

+ Evaluates immunization schedules.

+ Evaluates clients for past adverse reactions to vaccines. Counsels clients/parents/guardians on side effects, complications and educates regarding the importance of vaccines.

+ Administers vaccines to children and to adults per recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. This includes immunizations for foreign travel.

+ Performs investigations on complaints made to the Health Department.

+ Epidemiology investigation and works closely with KDHE on findings

+ Enters data into State Data Base

+ Evaluates, tests and treats all clients exposed to or complaining of signs/symptoms of sexually transmitted infections

+ Makes referrals to physicians, as necessary, for clients with problems beyond the realm of public health nursing.

+ Provides pretest counseling, testing and post-test counseling for clients who have been exposed to or are at risk for HIV.

+ Educates clients on risk, precautions, safe behaviors, treatment, responses to drugs or vaccines appropriate to the individual client’s needs.

+ Obtains lab specimens for testing blood glucose, rubella titer, hepatitis titer, and rabies titer, lead poisoning, syphilis, HIV and others as they arise.

+ Screens and monitors blood pressure and educates on behavior modification as it relates to a healthy lifestyle.

+ Provides testing for pregnancy and counseling for options concerning a healthy pregnancy. Makes referrals to appropriate programs.

+ Provides Family Planning Initial visits. This includes talking to a client, providing education on methods of birth control available, evaluating the client risks for problems with method chosen, starting client on method of choice, and educating the client on risks. Evaluates other health issues and refers as needed. Other related tasks may be performed.

+ Assists in Family Planning Clinics with history and intake interview; prepares clients for exams; assists physicians/ PA’s (physician assistant’s), and advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) with exams; provides post exam coun seling regarding findings; dispenses methods; educates on sexually transmitted infections; educates on self-breast examinations.

+ Provides emergency contraception if indicated and if appropriate. DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION ON ABORTION PRACTICES.

+ Charts and completes legal/medical records and updates records on each visit to a high standard

+ Provides manpower for community health fairs/events.

+ Provides social service evaluation and assessment, i.e. completing the social assessment form; evaluating the client’s need for housing, food, transportation, clothing, emotional support, mental health services, education, and payment for medical care; assisting the client in obtaining the above listed items and referrals as needed.

+ Provides health education to individuals or to groups as needed to support the goals of public health, including radio shows.

+ Evaluates the results of screening tests. Provides results to clients along with counseling and education. Makes referrals to medical care providers as indicated. Provides lifestyle education.

+ Administers and evaluates tuberculin skin tests and makes referrals as needed.

+ Investigates possible rabies exposures. Treats and /or makes referrals as indicated.

+ Follows procedures for administering/dispensing pharmaceuticals.

+ Maintains prescriptions log per Kansas Board of Pharmacy regulatio