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Kansas Department of Commerce Construction Laborer-Farm Buildings in Inman, Kansas

This job was posted by https://www.kansasworks.com : For more information, please see: https://www.kansasworks.com/ada/r/jobs/11267311 Measure and layout livestock building. Mix, pour, or spread concrete, using portable cement mixer. Tend pumps, compressors, or generators to provide power for tools, machinery or equipment. Position and dismantle forms for pouring concrete, using saws, hammers, nails, or bolts. Smooth and finish freshly poured cement or concrete, using floats, trowels, screeds, or powered cement finishing tools. Operate jackhammers or drills to break up concrete or pavement. Position, join, align, or seal structural components, such as concrete wall section or pipes. Tie rebar, position aluminum wall-forms and place all concrete. Clean Jobsite. Must be able to lift and carry 75lbs/75yds. One month of aluminum wall-form setter experience required.Free transportation will be provided from the housing location to the worksite and return each day.The employer will furnish free and convenient cooking and kitchen facilities so workers may prepare their own meals. Employer will provide (on a voluntarily basis) transportation to assure workers access to stores where they can purchase groceries and/or other incidentals. If free and convenient kitchen facilities become unavailable for any reason, the employer will provide three (3) meals a day for which it will charge individual workers, by payroll deduction, no more than the daily permitted amount as provided in 20 CFR 655.173, which was $12.68 as of March 20, 2020, and which may be increased or decreased during the period of this employment.