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Josserand Harvesting LLC Farm Worker in Johnson City, Kansas

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Set up, move, and maintain siphon, flood, drip, and pivot irrigation system. Use hand tools to clean irrigation ditches. By hand, hoe onions, corn, and wheat. Harvest onions. Clean maintain storage bins, sheds, and shops. Operate, regular maintenance and routine repair of combine and onion harvester. Operate, maintain and repair farm tractors and equipment. Able to drive a tractor and carpentry work (such as building crates and pallets). In accordance with Departmental regulations at 20 CFR 655.135, the employer agrees as part of the Application for Temporary Employment Certification and job offer that it will abide by each and every requirement set forth in its regulation. Employees have access to a local grocery store located within 10 miles from the residence. They are provided transportation to purchase supplies as needed. Housing is free and completely furnished with convenient cooking and kitchen facilities. Employer also provides transportation between housing and the work site at the beginning and ending of each work day, as well as transportation to and from shopping facilities.