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Eagle Railcar Services Painter in Junction City, Kansas

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Operate or tend painting machines to paint interior or exterior surfaces of railcar equipment. Trained in mixing his own paint according to manufacture\'s product data sheet. Performs quality checks of his paint job while using a wet mil gauge to inspect the proper thickness of product coating.

\ Tasks:\ Spray prepared surfaces with specified amounts of primers or finish coatings.\ Select the correct spray gun system for the material being applied.\ Pour paint into spray guns and adjust nozzles and paint mixes in order to get the proper paint flow and coating thickness.\ Disassemble, clean, and reassemble sprayers and power equipment, using solvents, wire brushes, and cloths for cleaning duties.\ Apply primer over any repairs made to railcar surfaces.\ Monitor painting operations in order to identify flaws such as blisters and streaks so that their causes can be corrected.\ Dispose of hazardous waste in an appropriate manner.\ Allow the sprayed product to dry, and then touch up any spots that may have been missed.\ Select paint according to company requirements, and match colors of paint following specified color charts.\ Operate lifting and moving devices in order to move equipment or materials so that areas to be painted are accessible.\ Verify paint consistency, using a viscosity meter.\ Set up portable equipment such as ventilators, exhaust units, ladders, and scaffolding.