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Leavenworth County Nutrition Coordinator, Council on Aging #20-9-5 in LEAVENWORTH, Kansas

This job was posted by https://www.kansasworks.com : For more information, please see: https://www.kansasworks.com/ada/r/jobs/11294431 Percentage of Time& Accountabilities45% Assesses and reports the eligibility for all nutrition programs.20% Initiates, coordinates and monitors the support provided by nutrition staff.15% Works with caterer and support staff to ensure adequate meal preparation and Delivery.5% Coordinates menu development based on current RDA & KDOA standards.5% Collaborates with health professionals, social workers and family members.5% Provides nutrition education with presentations, monthly newspaper articles and individualcounseling.5% All other duties as assigned.ScopeUnder the general supervision of the Director, manages all aspects of the nutrition department including thehomebound meal program and congregate meal program for Leavenworth County senior citizens.Responsible for training nutrition personnel, determining route schedules, eligibility requirements, andlocal/state required reports in regard to federal/state/local funding. Develops and monitors menus served toensure they are in compliance with State regulations. Serves as a liaison with the caterer and food servicepersonnel. Educates seniors about nutrition by giving presentations and individual nutrition counseling.Knowledge and Skills1. Ability to supervise all agency nutrition staff and site managers.2. Ability to be a Uniform Assessment Instrument trainer.3. Ability to coordinate delivery of food to the congregate sites and delivery of the homebound routes.4. Ability to keep records of the weekly meals served and ordered and prepares a monthly and quarterlyreport for KDOA.5. Ability to assess homebound clients to determine eligibility for the homebound program to includeworking with social workers, doctors and family members.6. Ability to develop menus to be served by the Nutrition Department to ensure they are in compliancewith State regulations.7. Ability to oversee the purchase of consumable supplies for the Nutrition program.8. Knowledge of city and county roads.9. Ability to perform public speaking and to communicate both verbally and in writing.10. Ability to apply program management techniques.11. Ability to interpret Medicare and Medicaid.Human Relations1. Communicates with the Director regarding the nutrition programs.2. Communicates with the seniors to identify services that are needed and nutritional health.3. Communicates with caterer.4. Communicates with co-workers and supervise employees effectively.Illustrative Tasks1. Manages two nutrition programs for Leavenworth County: the homebound meal program andcongregate meal program for seniors; approximate $500,000 budget, including federally fundedgrants, state grants, local mill-levy, fundraising, and donations.2. Oversees approximately 80,000 meals distributed to Leavenworth County seniors yearly.3. Supervises all agency nutrition staff and four site managers.4. Conducts annual evaluations.5. Completes Uniform Assessment Evaluations and Uniform Program Registrations on participants.6. Monitors, evaluate and maintain quality control of food provided to seniors.7. Assists with the Senior Picnic, Meals on Wheels Summer Benefit and Volunteer Appreciation.8. Coordinates delivery of food to the nutrition sites and delivery of homebound routes.9. Implements the policies and procedures regarding nutrition grants.10. Develop policies and procedures for internal nutrition department protocol.11. Trains all employees for food safety practices, in accordance with the Kansas Department of Healthand Environment (KDHE) requirements.12. Responsible for meeting KDHE requirements and correcting potential deficiencies.13. Assists with training and completing paperwork on volunteers for providing services.14. Certified trainer for assessors, and data entry personnel through the Kansas Department for Agingand Disabilities Services (KDADS).15. Trains employees to assess and evaluate the needs of older adults.16. Processes monthly reports for funding reimbursement through USDA.17. Reviews purchase orders relating to the nutrition programs for completeness.18. Responsible for closing down services in case of inclement weather, contacting all parties involved,posting on local news stations.19. Keeps records of the weekly meals served, ordered and prepares monthly reports.20. Assesses homebound clients to determine eligibility for the homebound meal program.21. Serves as direct liaison with caterer and food service personnel.22. Monitors the menus to ensure they are in compliance with the Kansas Department for Aging andDisability Services.23. Analyzes, completes, and fulfills requirements for nutrition grants.24. Assist in preparing Requests for Proposal (RFP) for the nutrition programs.25. Assist in preparing and implementing contracts for nutrition service providers26. Performs presentations for Council on Aging programs to various businesses, associations, and civicorganizations.27. Provides a monthly nutrition article published in the Chronicle Shopper newspaper.28. Provides nutrition education to senior citizens.29. Interfaces with other State nutrition service providers on a monthly basi