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Cosentino's Pharmacist In Charge in Leawood, Kansas

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Pharmacist In Charge




Pharmacist In Charge


Pharmacy Management

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December 28, 2020


3700 W. 95th Street

Leawood, KS, 66206, US

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Pharmacy Management

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We are seeking a person with a Pharmacist license in Kansas. This is a 30 - 39 hour a week position with excellent benefts. Looking for someone willing to travel to others stores as well.

Pharmacist in Charge

Position Objective:To assist customers in their shopping experience by leading a pharmacy team that demonstrates compliance with organizational policies and applicable legislation, promotes company growth, and delivers the outstanding service Cosentino customers have come to expect.

Reporting Structure: This position formally reports to the Corporate Pharmacy Director, but takes direction from the Store Director on daily store operation matters.

Status:This is an exempt position.


The following is a list of any certifications, formal education, or training requirements for this position.

Essential Knowledge

  • Current Pharmacist License in good standing.

  • B.S. in Pharmacy or Pharm D.

  • Minimum of 2-4 years of related experience and/or related training.

  • Completion of ongoing training and development as listed on the Cosentino Learning Plan.

  • A valid driver’s license is required for deliveries.

Non-Essential Knowledge

  • Knowledge of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Retail Pharmacy Software Systems


The following is a list of the basic skill requirements for this position.

Essential Job Functions

  • Compounds and dispenses prescribed medications, drugs, and other pharmaceuticals for patient care by performing the following duties.

  • Reviews prescriptions issued by Physician, or other authorized prescriber to assure accuracy and determine formulas and ingredients needed.

  • Compounds medications, using standard formulas and processes such as weighing, measuring and mixing ingredients.

  • Directs all pharmacy employees engaged in mixing, packaging, and labeling pharmaceuticals.

  • Oversees compliance of DMEPOS regulations, both Accreditation Organization-(AO) specific and CMS-specific.

  • Answers questions and provides information to pharmacy customers on drug interactions, side effects, dosage and storage of pharmaceuticals.

  • Maintains established procedures concerning quality assurance, security of controlled substances, and disposal of hazardous waste drugs.

  • Enters data such as patient name, prescribed medication and cost, to maintain pharmacy files, charge system, and inventory.

  • Assays medications to determine identity, purity, and strength.

  • Instructs interns and other medical personnel on matters pertaining to pharmacy.

  • Provide overall supervision of the activities in the department in a manner that is operationally effective, but is also motivating and respectful.

  • Organize the implementation of corporate-driven programs and initiatives as they apply to the pharmacy department.

  • Clearly communicate to team members the goals that have been set for the department, then implement plans to reach the set goals.

  • Promote a positive overall team atmosphere that includes cooperation and teamwork, high morale, positive interpersonal interactions and communications, and recognition for a job well done.

  • Provide effective coaching, corrective actions, and performance evaluations to improve individual and team performance.

  • Address employee relations issues and, if needed, effectively work with the Human Resource team to resolve issues.

  • Conduct effective interviews to hire the highest quality candidates.

  • Able to manage labor costs in a way that successfully balances the customer’s need for service with the company’s need to closely monitor expenditures.

  • Resolve customer complaints in a professional manner and recognize when it is appropriate to involve the Store Director or a member of the corporate team.

  • Know and implement theCosentino Customer Service Standards.

  • Meet or exceed productivity standards to produce desired team and individual results.

  • Able to operate all necessary equipment safely and competently.

  • Know, comply with, and ensure the team complies with all health regulations, sanitation guidelines and safety procedures for your department and your store. Ensures premises are always in a satisfactory state of cleanliness.

  • Demonstrates the strong verbal and interpersonal skills necessary for positive customer and peer interactions.

  • Demonstrates the basic math and reading skills required for the position.

  • Demonstrates the essential written communication skills required for the position.

Non-Essential Job Functions

  • Maintain open communication with Store Director and Corporate Director regarding any issues, concerns or happenings in the department.

  • Support your company by completing additional tasks identified by management, assisting other stores or departments as needed and gaining new skills when necessary.

Physical Abilities

The following physical movements could potentially be part of any scheduled shift and employees will be expected to perform these actions while on duty.

Essential Abilities

  • Reaching overhead with both arms, twisting at the waist and lifting objects with both hands weighing up to 15 lbs.

  • Pushing and pulling grocery items to the proper locations as needed, up to a peak force of 75 lbs.

  • Standing and walking for long periods of time on tile, asphalt, concrete or other hard surfaces.

  • Occasionally lifting and carrying up to 36 lbs., to a height of 34 inches.

  • Bending and squatting, at times all the way to floor level.

Non-Essential Abilities

  • Climbing a ladder, possibly up to 15ft.

Core Competencies

The following is a list of overall competencies identified for this role. This profile is based on the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for the position.

Visionary Leadership

  • Conveyspassionand enthusiasm in the leadership role and is a catalyst for action, change, and innovation for others in the workplace.

  • Is clear and consistent when communicating the organization’s mission, vision and values so that every individual understands his/her role in the bigger picture.

  • Inspires and motivates others to achieve the milestones that will lead to both individual success and company growth.

  • Able to look beyond daily operations and identify higher level issues and possibilities for the future state of the organization.

  • Effectively communicates the importance of the organizational vision to build a sense of commitment, loyalty, and direction for others.

Operational Results

  • Consistent focus on bottom lineresultsand operational excellence in all day-to-day activities, processes, and procedures.

  • Can be counted on to deliverresultsthat are of the highest operationalintegrityand consistently meets or exceeds operational standards.

  • Is knowledgeable of and capable of utilizing all available tools, technology and other resources to achieve the desired result in the most cost effective and time efficient manner.

  • Demonstrates an understanding of business management concepts, but also has the skills and follow through to successfully strategize and implement the plans developed from these concepts.

  • Able to anticipate potential threats to the business strategy and demonstrates an agile problem solving capability in order to maneuver around those challenges.

Managing the Workplace Environment

  • Promotes a workplace environment that encourages respect, diversity, professionalism, open communication and is free from discriminatory and/or harassing behavior per EEOC Policy.

  • Encourages appropriate workplace relationships that facilitate high morale, cohesive teams, and a motivating workplace environment.

  • Demonstrates unwaveringintegrity,trustworthiness, and ethical behavior in dealings with others.

  • Asks everyone to take ownership for their work, to be accountable for the outcome of their efforts, and to take pride in their contributions in the workplace.

  • Ensures credit is given to team members and encourages public recognition of a job well done through both formal and informal recognition programs

  • Injects energy, a sense of urgency, and a strongservicementality into the workplace environment.

  • Demonstrates effective conflict resolution techniques and supports others in utilizing these strategies as needed to maintain a productive working environment.

  • Shows no tolerance for gossip, undermining, or other sabotaging behavior that can deteriorate productivity and morale.

Quality Decision Making & Sound Judgment

  • Makes quality decisions in a timely manner.

  • Exercises sound judgment and independent thinking in order to make decisions, even when under pressure or when dealing with ambiguous situations.

  • Quickly considers all pertinent aspects of a situation when making a decision while still avoiding “paralysis by analysis”.

  • Can anticipate pros and cons of a decision and foresee possible consequences of a decision, choice, or action.

  • Able to make decisions based on both short-term and long-term outcomes.

  • Recognizes when it is appropriate to seek input from outside sources (i.e. HR or a higher level manager).

Maximize Team and Individual Performance

  • Committed to growing the skills, knowledge and experience of all team members through various forms of ongoing training and development.

  • Able to break down corporate directives to the store, department, and individual level in order to set clear short-and long-term performance goals.

  • Committed to the long-term success of the company through active succession planning, including identification, growth and retention of top talent.

  • Provides effective coaching and feedback that promotes both individual and team development.

  • Engages in performance management through timely delivery of performance evaluations.

  • Is active in the recruiting, interviewing, and coaching processes in order to hire and retain top caliber employees.

  • Acts as a motivator in order to inspire others to achieve top performance and exceed expectations.