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County of Lincoln Secretary for Treasurer Department in Lincoln, Kansas

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Lincoln County\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ County Treasurers Office


Under the supervision of the Lincoln County Treasurer, the Clerk/Secretary is a non-exempt position under FLSA. This position performs skilled duties, ensures compliance with Kansas law for collection, administration, and distribution of county and state monies. This employee handles various job responsibilities including handling daily bookkeeping of many accounts, assisting customers with tag sales, collecting taxes and renewing drivers licenses. This employee must possess excellent organizational, communication, and public relation skills and the ability to handle confidential information without compromise.


Works with citizens, municipalities, state, and federal agencies to insure compliance with all state laws;

Accurate preparation and maintenance of all documents and reports relating to the collection, administration, and distribution of county and state moneys;

Accurate preparation and maintenance of all books and balances and general ledger;

Codes delinquent taxes in MVERS system;

Correlates daily vehicle reports, quarterly statements and estimates into report format;

Handles receipts and expenditures, prepares checks and balances employee receipts at the end of each day;

Assists general public with tags, titles, taxes and drivers licenses;

Maintains antique vehicle roll and posts paid antique taxes;

Verifies landownership using information from the Register of Deeds, District Courts, domestic and foreign, Sheriff, and other sources as necessary;

Provides general office duties including typing, filing, and posting data;


Attends and participates at training and educations sessions for department employees;

Accurate preparation of bank deposits and prompt deposit of all monies received;

Answers incoming telephone inquires and directs callers;

Changes and updates tax files;

Mails and files tax statements;

Prepares drivers licenses daily reports;

Posts taxes to manual tax roll;

Transports mail to post office;

Performs other duties as deemed necessary or assigned.


Position Requirements

Lincoln County\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ County Treasurers Office

EXPERIENCE\ Lincoln County is willing to train employees. Employee is expected to have acquired the necessary information to perform the job reasonably well within six months of employment.

EDUCATION:\ A high school diploma or GED is required.

TECHNICAL SKILLS:\ The ability to perform basic mathematical and bookkeeping functions accurately, and have attention to detail is a must. This employee must have the ability to operate a computer, telephone, typewriter, calculator, photocopier, paper shredder, fax machine and other office equipment. This employee should possess excellent organizational, public relation, and oral and written communication skills.

PROBLEM SOLVING:\ Problem solving is a factor in this position. Problems this employee may encounter include dealing with unhappy customers, correctly balancing accounts and reports, having the general ledger or daily statement not balance and being able to locate mistakes as they occur.

DECISION MAKING:\ Decision-making is involved in this position. Decisions this employee may handle include determining the appropriate forms to use for required transactions and making sure that they are a curately prepared.

SUPERVISION:\ This position acts under the supervising of the Lincoln County Treasurer. This employee does not provide supervision over subordinate personnel.

FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY:\ \ This employee is responsible for county equipment and resources, but does not participate in the annual budget process.

PERSONAL RELATIONS:\ This employee has daily contact with the general public, co-workers, other county departments and supervisory personnel, and frequent contact with the organizational body is expected.

WORKING CONDITIONS:\ No adverse working conditions exist within this position. Working in an office setting with a computer is the primary aspect of this position.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:\ Physical activity associated with working in an office setting with some lifting, climbing, and carry of heavy objects is required to perform the duties of the position.

ATTENDENCE:\ Employees must be at their job performing essential duties on a regular and continuing basis with no excessive absences.

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