Kansas State University Trainer/Technical Assistance Specialist (Kansas Child Care Training Opportunities, Inc.) in Manhattan, Kansas

This job was posted by https://www.kansasworks.com : For more information, please see: https://www.kansasworks.com/ada/r/jobs/10795957 The Kansas Child Care Training Opportunities, Inc. is seeking several individuals to fulfill the role of a Trainer/Technical Assistance Specialist. This position will work on a statewide professional development and technical assistance project in the area of child care and education focusing on individuals and programs serving birth to thirteen years. This position will join a cadre of staff and have responsibility for project activities related to training and the provision of technical assistance, including the development and provision of training and technical assistance activities; development of strategies, content, delivery of highly specialized and focused technical assistance, and development and delivery of information in modularized and on online learner managed systems. This person will serve as a trainer/technical assistance specialist with responsibility of moderating online training and/or face-to-face training, for analysis of needs assessment data and identification of technical assistance needs. Additional responsibilities include data analysis, development of, contributions to, and the dissemination of materials specific to evidence-based practices in child care and early child development and education.Expertise of individuals will be in the areas of child development, early care and education and/or school age care and balanced across experience and knowledge of special populations: developmental delays and disabilities, homelessness, foster care, tribal, Head Start/Early Head start families; service delivery settings experience and expertise: home care and center-based care.In-state travel will be required with possible out of state travel related to attendance and/or presentation at educational events for personal skill and research/professional development. Staff may be required to attend meetings to represent/present on the project. This full-time employee receives full benefits, including health insurance, paid vacation, and holidays. This position is not subject to tenure or sabbatical leave.This position may be remotely located.Duties / Responsibilities: Design and Provide Training and Technical Assistance: Analyze and synthesize needs assessment data to determine training and technical assistance needs followed by development of strategic strategies to address needs. Collaborate with project staff in the development of online materials and course work to address needs of early care and education providers and supplement direct one-to-one contact. Provide training & technical assistance based on analysis of needs assessment of specific individuals, programs and professionals in the field of child care and education for ages birth to thirteen years. Training will be in the form of providing extensive interactions with online participants utilizing an LMS system and include monitoring and evaluating on-line learning sessions for quality assurance, and assist with curriculum development. Training may also be in the form of one to one coaching/mentoring, small group training and large group training. Technical assistance will take a variety of forms including virtual technical assistance, peer-to-peer learning communities, and will include development of written technical assistance plans. Technical assistance will also include preparing, disseminating, and demonstration materials and strategies for service provision to child care professionals. Plans will include objectives or outcomes for the plan, needed resources to carry out the plan, timeline for the plan, and evaluation of the outcomes identified in the plan. Program evaluation data will analyzed to directly inform the process as well as to contribute to the literature in workforce development. Topics could include but are not limited to child assessment, identification of family resource s, intervention strategies, transition practices, and characteristics of specific populations. Mentor/Coach responsibilities: Prepare, disseminate, and demonstrate materials and strategies for service provision to child care and early education professional. Topics could include but are not limited to child assessment, identification of family resources, development of individual professional development plans, intervention strategies, evaluation of intervention effectiveness, transition practices, characteristics of specific populations, evaluating early childhood outcomes, collaboration with community partners, and funding for specialized services or supports for children and families. Collaborate with funding agency in ongoing assessment of state needs, project achievement of outcomes, and collaboration with state professional organizations, state level work committees, task force or ad hoc committees focused on needs of infant toddler early care and education providers. Contribute to yearly project report to funding agency.We Support Diversity and Inclusion:Kansas State University embraces diversity and promotes inclusion in every sector of the institution. The university actively seeks individuals whose commitments and contributions will advance the University's dedication to the Principles of Community.What You'll Need to Succeed:Minimum Requirements: Bachelor's degree One to three years o