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Marion County Emergency Management Deputy Director & Health Coordinator in Marion, Kansas

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Department: Emergency Management/Public Health

Reports To: Director of Emergency Management and Director of Public Health

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Position Summary

Under the supervision of the Emergency Management Director and the Director of Public Health, this

position is an non-exempt position under the FLSA that performs administrative work. The Deputy Director of

Emergency Management assists in the planning, directing and coordination of all activities falling within the

responsibilities and duties of the department, including mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery activities

for Marion County. The Deputy Director assumes the roles and responsibilities of the Director in their absence.

The duties of this position involve clerical and communications, as well as, assuming a leadership role in

emergency operation during a crisis and disaster response, which requires the ability to distinguish between and

reconcile the economic, political and social forces that impact environment in which the employee will function.

The position also fulfills the duties as prescribed in Local Codes, State Statutes and Federal Laws. This position

requires a strong knowledge of and ability to work within the confinements of the Federal Robert T. Stafford

Disaster Relief Act, as amended; Chapter 48, Article 9 of Kansas Statutes Annotated. Although work is performed

according to Federal and State guidelines, the employee in this position must exercise considerable independent

judgment when carrying out the responsibilities of this position. This position requires a great deal of self-

motivation and the ability to remain calm and take control of stressful and possibly dangerous situations.

Essential Functions

? Research grant opportunities for all entities within Marion County;

? Prepares, assists, and reports on grants within the Marion County Emergency Management and Marion

County Health Department;

? Prepares performance reports to Directors;

? Assists with updates and development of the Marion County Emergency Operations Plan as required by law;

? Research training and exercises needed for Marion County entities;

? Provides documentation and statistical analysis for the development and update of current and future plans;

? Organizes hazard identification, capability assessment and vulnerability analysis for Marion County;

? Identifies mitigation actions necessary to prevent or lessen impacts from hazards;

? Responds to hazardous material/substance releases/incidents as a coordinator of resources and liaison;

? Conducts educational programs for the public including, but not limited to: community preparedness,

emergency management, hazardous materials awareness and seasonal weather awareness;

? Serves on the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and Healthcare Coalition Committee;

? Assists in planning and conducting drills to test the capability of the local emergency response plans and


? Develops and maintains relationships with government, private and volunteer sectors of the community to

communicate mutual concerns;

? Assists in the establishment of Mutual Aid agreements, Inter-Local Agreements, Memorandums of

Understanding, Disaster Assistance Agreements and other agreements or contracts for disasters or major


? Maintains general knowledge of communitys ability to contribute resources to respond to disasters or major


? Maintains mobile trailers to provide communications and incident support in the event of disasters or major


Emergency Management Deputy Director & Health Coordinator

EM/Health Department

Essential Fu ctions, Continued

? Cooperates with other public jurisdictions for proper activity coordination;

? Communicates with individuals, groups and the media to gain understanding, acceptance and support of

emergency planning and programs;

? Plans long-term emergency preparedness programs;

? Supports County storm spotters activities, and must be a trained storm spotter;

? Coordinates response and recovery activities during and following a natural disaster or other emergency;

? Coordinates the management of resources necessary to respond and recover from disaster situations;

? Maintains accurate records of emergency resources;

? Maintains emergency vehicles and equipment and performs maintenance as needed;

? Works with local emergency response agencies to test and evaluate equipment;

? Prepares reports on department activities;

? Maintains department inventory.