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Paychex Systems Engineer in Overland Park, Kansas

Systems Engineer

Information Technology

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A position under moderate supervision responsible for troubleshooting, installing, configuring, and maintaining server hardware, operating systems, and applications in support of business requirements. Performs application and systems upgrades. Provides technical support during critical and non-critical business hours. Proactively identifies and automates the resolution to availability and performance failures throughout the environment. Creates and maintains technical reference documentation to be used in support and training of Information Technology (IT) personnel.This position will expose the candidate to all server based operating systems (Linux, Windows) at Paychex and will require the development of skills to support, administer, and engineer cross-platform OS solutions. The candidate will be exposed to Continuous Delivery concepts such as Version Control, Continuous Integration, Testing (smoke, sanity, regression), Automation, and Orchestration as a means to deliver and support IT systems at Paychex. Technologies like Git, Artifactory, ServerSpec, Puppet, Ansible, and many more are the means to achieve our organizations 'as code' goals and objectives. Scripting (Bash, Powershell), and non-scripting (Ruby, Python, Go) languages are leveraged to extend features/functionality within our current toolsets and further our self-service, automation, and orchestration capabilities and services. The candidate will leverage the latest technologies from Cisco, Dell/EMC, Docker, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware, and many Open Source projects in our IT environment that are critical to delivering Paychex's IT infrastructure services. The candidate will be integrated into DevOps teams (Delivery Teams) with Software Developers and Testers, Build and Release Engineers, Solution Leads, Scrum Masters, and many more, responsible for delivering new products, features/functionality, and remediating defects for Paychex's Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

  • Provides technical support during critical and non-critical business hours on server hardware, operating systems, and software. Is proactive and reactive for problem alerting, analysis, resolution, and follow-up to ensure platform stability.

  • Deploys and configures mostly simple and occasionally moderately complex server operating systems and applications (Corporate and Third-Party) in physical, virtual, and containerized compute environments to corporate and vendor standards.

  • Performs moderately complex application and storage system upgrades (hardware/software) as well as periodic health checks in accordance with established corporate policies and procedures.

  • Creates and maintains technical reference documentation to be used in support and training of Information Technology (IT) personnel.

  • Proactively identifies and automates the resolution to availability and performance failures throughout the environment.

  • Proactively identifies work requests that can be downshifted to Operations staff or automated via software automation and orchestration tools. Ensures that all working knowledge sets are properly documented and communicated.

  • Supports cross-functional project teams to help deliver solutions as required.

  • Participates in the creation of corporate standards, best practices, and roadmaps for IT systems and technologies.

  • Participates in the creation of designs for corporate IT systems.


  • Associate's Degree in Computer related discipline and/or an IT certification in an applicable field - Preferred

  • 4 years of experience in Systems administration, middleware administration, or software development role. Applicant should have experience in IT systems administration and process management.

Our Commitment

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