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City of Wichita Service Attendant - Fleet Maintenance (2nd Shift) in Sedgwick, Kansas

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This is entry level work in the repair and preventive maintenance of cars, trucks, and vehicular equipment. Work is supervised and assisted as needed by a higher level mechanic or a supervisor.THIS IS A 2ND SHIFT POSITION 3:00pm - 11:30pm Monday - Friday

Examples of Work Performed:

+ Completes preventive maintenance on vehicles, trailers, or heavy equipment such, as oil changes, tire rotation, replacing filters, servicing transmissions, lubricating chassis and drive lines.

+ Inspects, repair and replace tires on light and heavy vehicles

+ Perform roadside assistance such as jump starts, tire repairs, and stuck vehicles and equipment.

+ Tow vehicles and equipment using a roll back and sling type wrecker.

+ Performs minor repairs such as headlight, wiper blades, and battery replacement.

+ Performs duties such as stripping vehicles and equipment in preparation of auction.

+ Performs duties such as setting up vehicles and equipment for use.

+ Remove, replace, and modify as necessary, mufflers, tailpipes, and other exhaust components.

+ Inspect adjust and repair as necessary, driveline and suspension systems.

+ Performs duties such as housekeeping.

+ Assists with the removal, repair, or rebuilding, of diesel and gas engines and automatic and manual transmissions,

+ Assists with the repair of hydraulic systems including hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders, valves, and other components on heavy vehicles and equipment.

+ Maintains written record of work performed.

+ Completion of work assignments will require the operation of a vehicle.

+ These examples are not intended to be all-inclusive. Other related duties may be assigned as needed.

Requirements of Work:

+ Thorough knowledge of all tools and equipment used in the trade and the ability to use these tools to perform repair work on vehicles/equipment.

+ Knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions.

+ Ability to weld and cut using gas or electrical equipment.

+ Ability to read, interpret, and apply information contained in technical repair manuals and electronic diagnostic equipment.

+ Ability to climb onto equipment and make repairs as high as 25' in height.

+ Ability to lift, bend, and twist while making repairs to vehicles and heavy equipment.

+ Ability to tow downed vehicles and equipment

+ Ability to tolerate exposure to fluids and solvents in vehicle repair work.

+ Ability to perform continuous manual and physical labor while standing on cement floor.

+ Ability to lift and carry bulky objects weighing up to 50 pounds (heavier objects with the assistance of another person) for distances up to 100 feet

+ Ability to exert up to 100 pounds of pressure using tools that tighten, loosen, or cut.

+ Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with associates and employees of other departments.

+ Ability to communicate clearly and effectively orally or in writing.

+ A valid Kansas driver's license is required.

+ Ability to acquire and maintain a valid Kansas commercial driver's license (CDL) is preferred, and m ay be required based on job assignments. When a CDL is required, the class and endorsements will vary according to the requirements of the specific position.

+ Skill set will be the primary factor in determining hire, promotion, and transfer decisions between shops.

+ There are five shops that specialize in the maintenance of heavy equipment, light vehicles, fire assets, body shop repairs, and light equipment.

+ Staff assigned to the Heavy Equipment shop shall have extensive knowledge of diesel engines, as well as other equipment that is maintained in this shop.

+ Staff assigned to the Light Vehicle shop shall have extensive knowledge of passenger vehicles and other assets that are maintained in this shop.

+ Staff assigned to the Fire Maintenance shop shall have extensive knowledge of fire apparatus and maintenance practices.

+ Staff assigned to the Body Shop shall have extensive knowledge of the repair of vehicles damaged in accidents.

+ Staff assigned to the Light Equipment shop shall have extensive knowledge of mowers, park maintenance equipment, and other assets that are maintained in this shop.

+ Transfer decisions between these shops will be based on skill set, shop coverage, work flow, and the overall needs of the Division.

+ An employee shall not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals in the workplace.