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MIRROR USPO Addiction Technician in Shawnee, Kansas

Under the clinical supervision of the Lead Addiction Technician the USPO Addiction Technicians at the Mirror residential facilities are responsible for monitoring the client’s behavior and movements, transporting clients, observing client urinalysis screens and for supporting the clinical programs and services offered by Mirror to its contracting institutions. The USPO Addiction Technicians shall operate in accordance with the policies set forth by the Board of Directors and as implemented by his/her supervisors and they shall abide by all applicable laws and regulations. Specifically, those related to by the Kansas Department of Aging & Disability Services, Community Services & Programs Division standards (standards for licensure/certification of alcohol & other drug abuse treatment programs), local city codes and other various contractual agreements which might include KDOC, SB 123, etc. The duties of this position include supervision of clients, charting of client behavior, clerical tasks as related to the work environment, security, collection and the related paperwork requirements of client urinalysis testing and assisting the clinical staff whenever needed. Approximately 25% of USPO Addiction Technician’s time will be spend on tasks specific to USPO.


  • Supervise clients during the assigned hours.

  • Monitor groups as required.

  • Provide educational presentations and facilitate recreation therapy as directed by your supervisor.

  • Familiarize yourself on a daily basis with the status of each individual client either through an oral conference with the primary counselor, or by checking the counselor's charting in Credible. Remember to check the staff communication log.

  • Complete orientation related paperwork on each client as directed by your supervisor.

  • Maintain client and program confidentiality as required by federal laws.

  • Supervise clients during urine specimen collection process during assigned hours. Including USPO clients.

  • Notify the appropriate person if a client fails to provide a urine sample when required.

  • Ensure the safety of the clients by securing the Mirror Residential building while you are on duty.

  • While on duty, maintain a true and accurate record of client behavior and program related activities in the client’s daily case record within Credible.

  • Must attend and participate in all staff meetings as directed by the Facility Director.

  • Handle crisis situations as they might arise. Intervene appropriately to diffuse or de-escalate potentially harmful situations.

  • Assist Mirror's counseling and administrative staff with KDADS compliance and/or funding source audit conditions.

  • Perform other job-related functions as directed by your immediate supervisor.


  • Verify correct UA labeling, shipping, packaging.

  • Ensuring correct documentation – signatures, monthly logs, updated chain of custody forms

  • Creating daily code-a-phone sheets, ensuring frequency is in line with program plan

  • Creating monthly UA schedule for USPO clients.

  • Properly charting paper COC sheets and monthly documentation of UA’s

  • Entering UA’s in Electronic Health Record (EHR) and sending DATs failure reports to PO’s

  • Charting completed monthly reports (electronic and paper files)

  • Entering new referrals/program plans/terminations into EHR, roster, and paper charts

  • Enter payments into credible, update balances, make bank deposits weekly

  • Schedule and contact new clients when new program plan is sent.


  • High school diploma or General Educational Development certificate.

  • College courses in human services of the field of addiction would be desirable.

  • Experience in supervising and interacting with persons addicted to drugs or the prison population would be desirable.

  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office Word with basic understanding of Excel preferred.

  • Good reading, writing and communication skills.

  • Ability to organize and prioritize and follow through with multiple tasks related to client charting (within the electronic record) and tracking the physical whereabouts of the clients referred to Mirror Residential programs.

  • Capable of working over-time hours past 40.

  • Awareness of the disease of addiction.

  • Must be able to pass background/security check.

  • Employees who have been diagnosed with any type of substance use disorder or behavioral addiction/compulsion must have sustained a minimum of two consecutive years of abstinence from all intoxicating substances and symptoms of their chemical and/or behavioral addiction; and must be in full sustained remission.

  • Must be proficient in computer skills and/or experience or skills with an Electronic Health Record .

  • Job functions in this position may involve some walking, climbing stairs, bending, lifting (or assisting) up to 40/50 pounds.