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AGC Glass Production Technician - Cold End in Spring Hill, Kansas

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Cold End Technicians are responsible for performing a variety of duties including operating automation equipment, counting and packing or repacking product. They are also responsible for walking sling cases, banding and closing cases & racks for warehouse storage. Cold End Technicians will provide quality assurance and drive fork truck as needed.


+ While performing Technician duties: Operating automation equipment for packing and handling glass, packing into racks if automation equipment is down, and discarding broken/bad product.

+ While performing Fork Truck Set-Up: Inspecting set-up truck prior to operating (check forks, tires, frame work, horn, seat belt, and fuel), charging and logging batteries, reporting problems to supervisor, filling out mobile equipment PM sheet, verifying and preparing instructions for schedule order and set-up. Visually inspecting all racks/cases/ pallets for damage, removing/repositioning glass in an orderly manner, dumping trash on sides of line, and bringing in gates and closing materials.

+ While performing Closing Inspector duties: Visually inspecting containers cuts/chips/scratches, removing defective product, checking for defects in case construction pads & banding, checking glass size corresponding to case and card specifications. Verifying product count to ensure it matches case card and is responsible for keeping adequate closing cases as necessary.

+ While performing Closer duties: Assuring the quality of glass in containers meets the customer’s specifications, removing defective glass, assisting in re-packing when necessary. Walking sling-packs to warehouse and preparing L-bucks properly, assisting with size changes and fork truck drivers when stacking containers or setting down in the closing area. Going on line to assist with cleaning, counting containers or in any emergency situation.

+ Adhering to all work instructions in all areas

+ Wearing proper safety equipment.

+ Keeping working area clean