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Kansas Employer SPED Vocational Facilitator in Valley Center, Kansas

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Valley Center USD 262

Position Title: Vocational Special Needs Facilitator

Department/Location: Cooperative-Wide

Position Qualification: Licensed

Reports To: Director of Ark Valley Cooperative

Terms of Employment: Contract

Annual Evaluation By: Director of Ark Valley Cooperative

Approved By: BOE

Revised: May 15, 2024


Provides support to the instructional program by facilitating pre-vocational and vocational training opportunities for special

education students; developing work experience opportunities for students by maintaining liaisons with community businesses

and organizations; providing information and direction to students; and creating transitions for special needs students from

school into a more independent environment within the community.


Sensitivity-demonstrates concern for the feelings and needs of others and is aware of the impact of his/her own actions on


Collaboration skills-works well with others as part of a team to accomplish a goal or task

Integrity-demonstrates honesty and high ethical standards in relationship to all areas of employment

Ability to plan and organize-develops a plan of action for self and/or others to accomplish a goal

Ability to build rapport-proactively builds relationships and gets along well with others


KSDE Licensure

Bachelors or Masters degree in job-related area

Job related experience is desired

Ability to effectively use Microsoft Office software; including the use of Excel spreadsheets and district email

Ability to use Google Apps for Education

Ability to organize and coordinate district wide program

Ability to interpret data

Strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills

Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and maintain confidentiality at all times

Must support district goals and objectives


Assesses student pre-vocational and vocational needs for the purpose of developing and implementing an

educational transition from school to community.

Assists teachers and related staff for the purpose of supporting lesson plans that develop students\' vocational and

pre- vocational skills.

Coaches students in vocational skills (e.g. work requirements, interviewing skills, vocational soft skills, etc.) for the purpose

of enhancing their readiness for employment.

Facilitating program activities (e.g. employer and school partners, transportation, community-based instruction,

vocational room, etc.) for the purpose of completing activities in a timely manner and meeting the work education


Counsels students (e.g. job search skills, role within the vocational placement, etc.) for the purpose of informing them

of employment, career options, and developing an interest in successful job-site performance.

Develops individual education plan goals and other written materials for student IEPs for the purpose of

establishing strategies/opportunities for student success.

Maintains documents, files, and records (e.g. student information, partnership lists, etc.) for the purpose of

documenting activities and providing reliable information.

Monitors students\' performance at a variety of work sites according to program guidelines for the purpose of identifying

areas requiring additional training on techniques and methods for maintaining solid work habits.

Monitors student job locations for the purpose of ensuring compliance with pertinent child labor laws, insurance

guidelines, and safety.

Participates in a variety of meetings (e.g. workshops, in-services, staff meetings, etc.) for the purpose of conveying

and gathering information required to perf orm functions and remaining knowledgeable with program guidelines.

Prepares documents, files, and records (e.g. reports, instructions, memos, job coach evaluations, IEP goals and

objectives, etc.) for the purpose of communicating information to other parties.

Promotes the program to the business community for the purpose of educational needs.

Responds to inquiries from a variety of internal and external sources for the purpose of resolving problems, providing