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Youngers and Sons Manufacturing Co., Inc CNC Machinist - Weekend Day Shift (3x12) in Viola, Kansas

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  • Operates CNC machine or multiple CNC and manual machines in a machine cell for the purpose of meeting production requirements while maintaining a safe and productive environment.
  • Assist in or completes set-ups or change overs per instructions from others. Monitors machine operation and production processes for the purpose of identifying tool wear, correct machine operation, part quality, and part production quantity and makes offset adjustments, CNC program adjustments and documents such, and/or tooling and insert changes as required to maintain maximum part quality and consistent production quantity.
  • Inspects parts being produced mechanically and visually by using a variety of precision measuring instruments such as micrometers, calipers, height gages, gage pins, thread gages, various other gages, coordinate measurement machines (CMM) and produces SPC (statistical process control) information and PV (process verification) as required, according to procedures or instructions from Set-Up Operators, Engineer, or Supervisor for the purpose of meeting blueprint, work order, engineering, or customer specifications.
  • Completes time ticket for data entry for the purpose of maintaining traceability, companysystem accuracy and cost accounting accuracy if required by supervision or engineering.
  • Completes non-conforming tags per procedure instructions when necessary for the purpose of maintaining segregation of non-conforming product and assuring product quality to customers.
  • Boxes, packages, protects and identifies and maintains product identification, as produced for the purpose of maintaining part quality and traceability.
  • Deburrs parts produced as time allows or as instructed by supervision for the purpose of utilizing cycle times for maximum efficiency of operation.
  • Attends shift meetings, training classes, company meetings as requested for the purpose of understanding company, quality, manufacturing, and safety policies and procedures and/or other essential job information.
  • Reading work orders, blueprints, drawings, manuals and specifications. Following directions, loading and unloading production material, interacting with CNC or manual machine controls, interacting with Set-Up personnel, supervision, engineering and quality personnel.
  • Changing tooling, fixtures, programs, chuck jaws, etc. Visually inspecting production parts, listening to machine sounds for operation correctness, monitoring part finishes to identify tool wear or breakage or other machine or process characteristics, adjusting of process of offsets as allowed by supervision or engineering.
  • Training and understanding inspection procedures, instrument types and use, use of SPC system, utilizing basic shop math including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Understanding of basic machine shop theory as it relates to materials, finishes, and geometric tolerances.
  • Calculating time, identifying work order details, completing time tickets and forwarding to supervision.
  • Completing hard copies of non-conforming tags with proper information per procedure, using quality procedure when dealing with non-conforming product.
  • Locating part container ID tag, calculating, counting, part identifying, completing documents such as part ID tags, count sheets or other company and quality system forms as required.
  • Part cleaning by using air, oils, cleaners, and part preservation by packaging, boxing, stacking, layering, and/or wrapping.
  • Operating belt sanders, drill presses, die grinders and deburr knives as required to complete parts.
  • Attendance in classroom and/or group setting, participation in problem solving, verbalizing information as it relates to job task or part quality.