Harlow Aerostructures LLC Deburr Operator - All Shifts in Wichita, Kansas

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Deburr Operator

Job Code: 2017-5-003

FT/PT Status: Full Time


Job Responsibilities:

1st, 2nd' and 3rd shift Deburr Operator Positions needed.'

+ 1st shift: Monday through Friday, 7am to 3:30pm

+ 2nd shift: Monday through Friday, 3:30pm to 12:00am

+ 3rd shift:' Monday through Friday, 12am to 7am

Job Functions:

+ Grind, file, sand and polish metal surfaces to a specified shape and smoothness using grinding hand tools

+ Cleans interior surfaces of holes using reamer or burr whip

+ Lift and position metal parts on bench

+ Remov burrs and smooth out contoured surfaces with power tools

+ Verify dimensions and radii, using micrometers, dial indicators and calipers

+ Ensure organized and clean work area

+ Performs other related duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit and Harlow Aerostructures LLC

Skills Required: