Weigand Omega Management Maintenance - Groundskeeper (Twin Lakes) in Wichita, Kansas

This job was posted by https://www.kansasworks.com : For more information, please see: https://www.kansasworks.com/ada/r/jobs/10819458 Summary and PurposeTo maintain all outdoor areas in a safe, clean, and attractive condition and perform minor repairs throughout the property. While the following information should be considered a comprehensive description of this position, it should also be noted that some responsibilities and duties might not be specifically addressed. Weigand-Omega Management, Inc. emphasizes a team approach and fully expects every person to perform any reasonable task or request that is consistent with fulfilling company objectives. The employee must adhere to all policies and procedures contained in the manuals issued by Weigand-Omega Management, Inc. and/or otherwise communicated verbally or in writing. The employee must adhere to all policies and procedures contained in the manuals issued by Weigand-Omega Management, Inc. and/or otherwise communicated verbally or in writing. Duties and Responsibilities1. Maintains all exterior landscape beds and plant material including, but not limited to grass, trees, shrubs, plantings and flowers. Removes weeds and dead plant material from beds, installs new plants and flowers, and waters any areas requiring so with hoses and/or sprinkler system.2. Prunes and shears shrubs and trees.3. Keeps sidewalks, curbs and walking areas clear of debris.4. Physically walks the entire property on a frequent basis to remove litter, debris, and pet droppings from the grounds. It is especially critical that the following areas remain neat and free of litter at all times: grounds adjacent to the roads, office areas, walkways to and from and in-between buildings, pool areas, laundry rooms, mail rooms, dumpster areas, recreation areas, common area facilities, walkways and breezeways.5. Performs "trash-out" duties in vacated apartments. As designated by Supervisor only, removes abandoned furniture, trash, boxes, etc., and transfers to dumpster or storage area. 6. Vacuums apartments, hallways, office and other common areas.7. Shovels snow from walks, driveways, and public areas and spreads ice melt products to prevent ice buildup when necessary.8. Cleans and sweeps dumpster areas. 9. Notifies manager of any diseased, dying or dead landscape plantings. 10. If necessary, performs daily pool care, assures pool is in proper chemical balance following chemical manufacturer's directions for use, and ensures the area is free of safety violations (i.e., safety equipment, gate functions, etc.). Possesses or willing to obtain pool operator's certificate if required.11. Performs landscape maintenance and irrigation system repair so that landscape areas are tidy, trimmed and adequately watered. Replaces sprinkler heads, digs up and repairs broken lines, adjusts time clocks, etc.12. Pressure washes asphalt, concrete and other areas as directed.13. Distribute resident correspondence including upcoming events, pest control notices, newsletters, etc.14. Assists with "make-ready" duties when requested. 15. Repairs windows, screens, sliding glass doors, locks, etc. and perform routine maintenance on property exteriors and interiors as directed. 16. Checks and replaces exterior lighting on a regular basis.17. Performs supplemental exterminations as needed and allowed by law.18. May travel to pick up parcels and supplies in a timely manner when directed by Supervisor.19. Maintains awareness of proper safety precautions at all times and performs work area clean-up and safety-related duties.20. Gets assistance and/or wears a support belt when lifting awkward or heavy items and uses the appropriate personal protective equipment (goggles, masks, gloves, etc.) as tasks dictate and in accordance with company guidelines.21. Completes all necessary forms and paperwork in accordance with company guidelines.22. Incorporates both safety and customer service in performa nce of all job duties. Performance Expectations and StandardsThe employee shall perform his/her duties using standard levels of productivity and dependability, ensuring completion in a timely and zero-defect manner. He/she must portray a clean, neat, well-groomed professional appearance. Job requires company-approved attire. Must be honest, trustworthy, enthusiastic, and team/project oriented. This position has no authority that is not specifically delegated from the Supervisors. The employee must be customer service oriented and genuinely support and promote good resident/tenant relations and service. The employee must have the ability to work independently, a willingness to learn, and good communication skills and be willing to participate fully in staff meetings and designated training programs.Experience, Training, and EducationNo formal training required, just a willingness to work and learn. Equipment/Machinery/Tools An associate in this position must be knowledgeable and skilled in the safe use and maintenance of the following tools: 1. Hand Tools: various wrenches, grips, sledge hammer, hammer, snips, post hole diggers, saws, rakes, etc. 2. User-Moved aids: wheelbarrows, dollies, buckets, hoists, jacks, step ladders, full ladders, double ladders. 3. Must have a telephone where you can be reached.Physical RequirementsConstant need (66% to 100% of time) to be o