Harlow Aerostructures LLC Maintenance Worker in Wichita, Kansas

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Maintenance Worker

Job Code:'2018-96-001

FT/PT Status:'Full Time



Perform preventive maintenance on building mechanical equipment, repairs on all building components and equipment, and a wide variety of general maintenance activities.


Shifts Needed:

+ '''' First Shift: 7am-3:30pm

Job Functions:

+ Perform preventive maintenance procedures on building mechanical equipment on a daily and/or scheduled basis (inspect belts, check fluid levels, check oil levels daily, replace filters, grease bearings and seals, repair or replace broken parts).

+ 'Perform repairs of all building components and equipment.

+ Fit and assemble parts to fabricate or repair machine tools and maintain industrial machines.

+ Performs a wide variety of general and semi-skilled maintenance activities (e.g. carpentry, painting, electrical, change light bulbs, etc.) for the purpose of completing projects within established time frames.

+ Perform a variety of plumbing maintenance and carpentry functions.

+ Provide yard maintenance, including snow removal, as required.

+ Use a variety of hand and power tools in performing duties.

+ Perform other related duties as assigned