Weigand Omega Management Operations - Area Property Manager in Wichita, Kansas

This job was posted by https://www.kansasworks.com : For more information, please see: https://www.kansasworks.com/ada/r/jobs/10819473 Job Title: Area Property ManagerLocation: Multiple sitesReports To: District Manager / Regional Manager Scope and PurposeThe Roving Residential Property Manager provides leadership at properties where the site is temporarily without a manager. This position will require overnight travel to other states, some in excess of two weeks. This position is also responsible for transitioning properties into and out of the portfolio and training new personnel under the direction of the District and/or Regional Manager. While the following information should be considered a comprehensive description of this position, it should also be noted that some responsibilities and duties may not be specifically addressed. The employee must adhere to all policies and procedures contained in the manuals issued by Weigand-Omega Management, Inc. and/or otherwise communicated verbally or in writing as well adhere to all Fair Housing laws and regulation Duties and ResponsibilitiesAdministration and OperationsOperates the property within the financial guidelines of the approved budget.Maintains accurate resident records and makes daily updates.Maintains courteous communication with residents, prospects, co-workers, vendors and the public.Correctly completes paperwork in accordance with company guidelines.Responsible for having move-outs turned over and ready within 3-5 days of being vacated. Responsible for having or more of vacant apartments market-ready at all times.Creates employee work schedules and ensures timely completion without unauthorized overtime.Enforces the proper dress codes and personal cleanliness standards for the entire staff at all times.Keeps the leasing office clean, neat, and organized.Safeguards the keys and maintains a key log for all keys that are checked out.Purchases necessary supplies, making sure the property stays within the established budget guidelines and adequate supplies of commonly used items in are kept stock.Issues appropriate notices when necessary (i.e. late payments, eviction notices, memos, etc.).Approves and signs invoices for payment after work has been checked and approved.Assists the property supervisor in all areas as requested.Maintains required office hours and may be on-call and available for emergency situations.Attends training seminars and managers meetings when scheduled.Maintains strict confidentiality of all Weigand-Omega company, resident, and property information and reports any breach of integrity which occurs at the property to the supervisor immediately. Reporting/Record KeepingMaintains necessary records of all resident files, ledger cards, maintenance requests, employee absences, petty cash, and transactions of the property.Submits coded invoices and other paperwork at least once to twice per week to the main office and meets the deadlines established by the company calendar and supervisor.Works within the established budget for the property and notifies the supervisor of any possible substantial variations prior to incurring the cost.Assists the supervisor in the preparation of annual budgets and securing bids.Responsible for processing evictions as required.Uses only contractors that have general liability insurance, workmen's compensation, and have completed a Contractor's Application form.Documents incidents, accidents and emergency situations. Assumes leadership during emergencies, contacts the property supervisor immediately and completes the proper reports.Keeps a journal for documenting conversations and incidences at the property involving employees, residents, prospects, vendors, etc.Completes or oversees the completion of a snow log journal detailing the dates, times and personnel involved in the removal of snow and the quantities of ice melt disburse d.Oversees the completion of the proper Freon refrigerant usage logs. Rent CollectionIs responsible for the collection of rents, late charges and NSF charges.Ensures daily bank deposits are made for all money that has been collected.Serves late rent notices and 3-day pay or quit notices.Strives to have at least 95% collected by the 10th of each month with less than 1% delinquency by month end.Collects charges for repairs, replacements, utility costs, and other charges when necessary. MarketingIs knowledgeable and maintains awareness about the neighborhood, local market, and any trends.Is familiar with the property's competition and completes market surveys by shopping them once per month or as market occupancies dictate.Conducts weekly sales meetings to review activity, reports, guest cards and follow-ups. Designates a target list of units for priority leasing each week.Regularly walks the market ready vacant units to ensure they are clean and presentable at all times.Regularly reviews all signage, flags, banners, and lighting around signage; and, if not in good condition, reports this to property supervisor and/or makes the necessary repairs.Completes guest cards and/or traffic sheets for all prospects that call or visit the property, uses the information to set a