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Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration Police Officer in Wichita, Kansas

Summary The Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center is seeking highly qualified and motivated candidates to fill one or more GS 7 Senior Police Officer positions in Wichita Kansas. Salary: $50,860 - $66,120 per year An incentive may be authorized for a current, VA LETC certified Police Officer or a former VA LETC certified Police Officer who has a current LETC certification. Work Schedule: Rotating shifts Monday - Sunday to include days, evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays. Responsibilities Serves as a Police Officer carrying out responsibilities where most work is performed on Veterans Affairs Departmental properties, which includes any properties owned, leased, or licensed to VA. Provides policing services in a variety of jurisdictional environments, where each type of jurisdiction (Exclusive, Concurrent, and Proprietorial) has different enforcement rules and requires Police Officers to understand the complexities and legally apply the correct set of laws, regulations, and processes. Provides services routinely at all segments of VA facilities located over large geographical areas, some of which may be in different states, counties, municipalities, or townships. Performs certain elements of the work away from Departmental properties when consistent with Federal law, regulation, VA policy, and operational guidance. Protects Veterans, volunteers, and others on Departmental property, U.S. officials, other individuals, and him or herself during any given situation against threats to personal safety when force becomes necessary to enforce laws and regulations. Protects Veterans, employees and visitors sensitive and protected medical information from unauthorized release or unauthorized use where prohibited by law and or policy as guided by the privacy officer, FOIA, HIPPA, etc. Carries firearms and other weapons, intervenes when necessary to deescalate situations, and determines when and how much force must be applied. Advises individuals of their (Miranda, Weingarten, Garrity, etc.) rights, and protects the constitutional and civil rights of persons. Conducts investigations, apprehensions, or detention of individuals suspected or convicted of offenses against the criminal laws of the US, protection, and transport of U.S. officials. Conducts investigations with a nexus to VA, prisoner transports, patient search and recovery, life-saving efforts, disaster response and recovery, asset protection during transit, training, and other matters. Identifies and preserves evidence, writes comprehensive incident reports, prepares case files, and testifies in court as it pertains to enforcing laws and regulations. Provides patrol in vehicles, on foot, and/or on a bicycle. Detects and intervenes in criminal activity; responds to calls for police assistance, irregularities, and unusual or suspicious circumstances. Investigates incidents and takes steps to mitigate further risk and resolve situations. Provides emergency response coordination as needed. Performs drug and contraband intervention techniques and provides training to those areas where contraband identification and knowledge is imperative for the staff. Serves as an interregnal part of the suicide prevention program and is often the first person seen by Veterans. Intervenes when possible to deescalate active suicidal behavior and/or prevents suicides. Operates specialized vehicles and equipment in support of law enforcement and security operations. Determines whether situations are criminal or civil and takes appropriate steps for each. Determines the level of crime committed (petty offense, misdemeanor, or felony, Federal or State statute); and takes applicable enforcement action. Enforces traffic rules and regulations, including those related to speeding and reckless operation of vehicles while impaired or intoxicated. Uses independent judgment in cases where policy is not clear. Initiates investigative contacts/stops, exercises search and arrest authority, detains witnesses, and apprehends suspects. Seeks, detects, seizes, and protects evidence and witnesses at the scene of an incident. Detains witnesses and suspects, makes arrests, and performs booking procedures. Interviews witnesses and other persons involved, determines whether facts warrant an arrest or lesser action. Executes arrest warrants issued by federal and local courts. Coordinates or transports arrested parties to holding facilities and courts as required. Controls facility access via Entry Control Point (ECP) and Traffic Control Points (TCP) during emergency operations. Identifies persons requiring assistance or medical aid while on-patrol, performs on-scene assessments, and determines the level of aid or emergency response required. Provides Basic Life Support (BLS) to injured personnel and coordinates additional emergency response when needed. Takes charge of significant and catastrophic events (e.g. active threats/shooter, terroristic threats or attacks, suicides, fires, full and partial property closures, infrastructure failures, and natural disasters) until additional resources are mobilized and response plans are fully executed. Executes emergency response procedures designed to isolate, contain, and defeat aggressive actions and restore normal operations as quickly and efficiently as possible. Position Description/PD#: Police Officer / PD# 99926-A Requirements Conditions of Employment Qualifications To qualify for this position, applicants must meet all requirements by the closing date of this announcement. GS-07 grade level: One year of specialized experience (equivalent to the GS-06 grade level in the federal service); experience that equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA's) and other characteristics to perform successfully the duties of the position, and that is typically in or related to the work of the position to be filled, in the normal line of progression for the occupation in the organization. Specialized experience includes but is not limited to: conducting investigations, apprehensions and detentions of persons suspected or convicted of criminal violations; maintaining order to protect life and property; taking initial complaints; interviewing witnesses; securing a crime scene and conducting limited searches; responding to emergency situations; gathering information and preparing reports; conducting routine patrol, traffic control, and traffic accident investigations. Note: Creditable specialized experience may have been gained in work on a police force; through service as a military police officer; in work providing visitor protection and law enforcement in parks, forests, or other natural resource or recreational environments; in performing criminal investigative duties; or in other work that provided the required knowledge and skills. Experience as a security guard or corrections officer is generally not qualifying. There is no educational substitution for the GS-07 level. Experience refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service programs (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religions; spiritual; community; student; social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge, and skills and can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment. You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience. Physical Requirements: The work requires, on a regular and recurring basis, considerable and strenuous physical exertion such as running, frequent climbing of multiple flights of stairs, and carrying items weighing over 50 pounds. It requires stamina, physical agility, dexterity, and the strength to pursue, apprehend or detain persons who are often uncooperative, assaultive, and/or armed. Work Environment: The work involves both moderate and high risks and possible endangerment of life or serious injury that requires the exercise of safety precautions and use of personal protective equipment The work is performed in settings in which there is regular and recurring exposure to moderate to severe discomforts and unpleasantness, such as high temperatures in confined spaces, high temperatures due to mandatory protective personal equipment, or adverse weather conditions during extended periods of traffic and patrol duties. The work involves moderate risk requiring exercise of safety precautions when working around hazardous materials such as toxic gases, explosives, infectious biological materials, and others that pose a moderate risk of exposure. Education Additional Information The Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP) and Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP) provide eligible displaced VA competitive service employees with selection priority over other candidates for competitive service vacancies. To be well-qualified, applicants must possess experience that exceeds the minimum qualifications of the position including all selective factors if applicable, and must be proficient in most of the requirements of the job. Information about ICTAP and CTAP eligibility is on OPM's Career Transition Resources website which can be found at https://www.opm.gov/. Receiving Service Credit for Earning Annual (Vacation) Leave: Federal Employees earn annual leave at a rate (4, 6 or 8 hours per pay period) which is based on the number of years they have served as a Federal employee. VA may offer newly-appointed Federal employee's credit for their job-related non-federal experience or active duty uniformed military service. This credited service can be used in determining the rate at which they earn annual leave. Such credit must be requested and approved prior to the appointment date and is not guaranteed. This job opportunity announcement may be used to fill additional vacancies. If you are unable to apply online or need to fax a document you do not have in electronic form, view the following link for information regarding an Alternate Application.