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Max Aerostructures Quality Assurance Manager in Wichita, Kansas

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  • Duties/Responsibilities
    • Review planning, engineering drawings, and digital models to determine proper dimensions and tolerance specifications for specific parts and/or tools to be measured.

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    • Supervise and train quality control inspectors and to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties effectively.
    • Conduct regular inspections of products, materials, and processes to identify any deviations from quality standards and take corrective actions as needed.
    • Analyze quality data and trends to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to enhance overall quality performance.
    • Collaborate with other departments, including production, engineering, and procurement, to address quality issues and implement corrective actions.
    • Maintain accurate documentation and records related to quality control activities, including inspection reports, non-conformance reports, and corrective action plans.
    • Lead continuous improvement initiatives to enhance quality processes, reduce defects, and optimize efficiency.
    • Stay informed about industry developments, technological advancements, and regulatory changes related to quality management.
    • Develop and implement quality control processes and procedures to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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    • Develop inspection programs which are intended for repeated use to inspect geometrically defined components and associated fixturing.
    • Able to prove out and measure new machine fixtures and tooling for approval or required changes.
    • Approve part specifications and dimensions using hard layout methodologies.
    • Develop custom inspection data reports based on specific customer or engineering requests, to include the setup and completion of AS9102 First Articles / Net-Inspect.
    • Work directly with Manufacturing Engineer/Quality Engineer resources to determine inspection criteria as well as best practice inspection techniques.
    • Interfaces directly with the Manufacturing Engineer/Quality Engineer or manufacturing personnel to accurately explain measurement data obtained from the inspection process to provide clear assessment of inspection result.
    • Maintain compliance with program development, change management, and validation procedures and best practices.
    • Perform manual dimensional check as needed to verify questionable results
    • Identify and participate in continuous improvement projects
    • Communicate effectively (verbal and written) with all customers, internal/external
    • Accept and adapt easily to change
    • Ensure that all activities are consistent with Company Mission Statement
    • Operate job-related equipment with or without assistance
    • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Education and Experience
    • At least 5 years of advanced dimensional inspection experience in the aerospace industry.
    • At least 5 years of experience in quality assurance roles, with demonstrated track record of success in implementing quality improvement initiatives.